Booking Rules

Making a booking and/or enquiry

  • Bookings and enquiries can only be made by members directly with the Booking Officer.
  • Payment and a completed booking form for all bookings must be received within 7 days of booking.
  • It is the members responsibility when booking for associate’s to inform them of the requirements of the lodge in regard to lodge duties, what to bring etc.


Non-Bumpable beds

  • First 20 beds booked and paid midweek.
  • First 14 beds booked and paid on weekends and school holidays

(any guest that books and pays the first 20 beds midweek or first 14 beds on the weekends or school holidays has an un-bumpable booking).

  • An exception may apply mid-week and weekend inclusive, where a large non-member booking is made (e.g. by a school). In this situation, the club may subsidies (where possible) up to 8 member bookings mid-week and up to 14 member bookings on the weekends at a neighbouring lodge, with comparable accommodation costs, so that they pay no more than normal member rates.  In the event that a member needs to seek alternative lodging they will be responsible for finding such accommodation.
  • To secure a booking during the Inter School Championships, members requiring accommodation must book on or prior to 14th of April but not before 1st It is required that such a booking is for a member only and not an associate/s.  The balance of beds available after the 14th April will be obtainable for schools and associates.

Special requirements

  • Bedroom E – As this room has a bath, people with small children or other special needs will be given priority where available to book this room.



  • Child members under the age of 2 are free of charge. Any child members over the age of two will be charged normal member rates.
  • Child members over the age of 25 or working full time are no longer covered under the family membership.  Unless they hold an individual share, they will be considered non-members and will be charged accordingly.


Children of Non-Members

  • Children of Non-Members under the age of 7 are not permitted.
  • However, the club Booking Officer has discretion to allow children less than 7 years, provided that the Member making such a booking will also be staying at the lodge at the same time.
  • On condition that the lodge is not completely booked (no more than 30 bodies, under 2yo inclusive) Children of non-members under the age of 2 are free of charge. Any non- member’s children over the age of two will be charged current associates rates.


Cancellation of Bookings

  • Greater than 2 weeks notice – refund of booking fees less cancellation fee.
  • Less than 2 weeks notice – booking fee refunded ONLY if cancelled beds are filled. Where a booking for an associate is cancelled with less than two weeks’ notice, and is replaced by a member booking, then such refund will equate to current member rates.


  • If a member and/or associate needs to cancel with less than two weeks’ notice they may have one opportunity to re-book to another date provided that such date is within the same season.


  • A cancellation fee of $5 applies to all cancelled bookings where money is refunded.


  • Members, who book, pay, do not cancel and do not go, will be charged at non-member rates.


Winter Rates 2018



  • $30 per night midweek (Sunday to Thursday nights)
  • $60 per weekend (Friday & Saturday night – 2 night package)



  • $65 per night midweek (Sunday to Thursday nights)
  • $160 per weekend (Friday & Saturday night – 2 night package)


  • Even if you are only staying for one night of the weekend, you still need to pay for the two nights.


  • Non-members will only be booked in if a member is present. However some exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Booking Officer.  In case of no member being present in the lodge, then a reliable and well known non-member can be made Honorary Duty Member for the time there is no member present.  This person will be responsible for all duties which would normally be carried out by a Duty Member. In this instance if the lodge has 50% or more occupancy than a refund of $30 (current member rate) per night will apply to the Honorary Duty Member.