Pol-Ski Club Inc

Mount Buller

Due to the low turnover of memberships, the membership waiting list is temporarily closed to new entries.


Membership Opportunity

There is a unique opportunity to purchase a membership in one of Mt. Buller’s successful and friendly ski clubs. Pol-SkiClub Inc. (Pol-Ski) is a ‘not-for-profit’ ski club which owns and operates one of four ski club lodges in the building located at 17 The Avenue Mt. Buller. It is in one of the best locations at Buller offering true ski-in ski-out benefits, easy access, comfortable and enjoyable living and with stunning panoramic alpine views to the south.


Pol-Ski was formed in 1978 initially by Melbourne’s Polish community but its membership now embraces a wide range of backgrounds and cultures which adds to the happy social environment of the club.


Pol-Ski is financially sound and well managed by an elected committee, some of whom have enjoyed membership since its foundation.


The benefits of ski club membership are many. It gives you a feeling of ‘ownership’ in your alpine activity. There is the social companionship that club membership provides. There is the apres-ski fun of sharing drinks and meals with fellow skiers and snowboarders at the end of each day. There is the benefit of ‘knowing someone’ when visiting Buller. There is the inter-personal relationship so important for growing families. And of course, there is the benefit of affordable accommodation at a leading Victorian alpine resort.


The Pol-Ski lodge is on three levels. The entry is at the upper level and includes an efficient drying room, large double kitchen, three large dining settings and a spacious lounge. Four self-contained bedrooms with 6 beds, each with their own bathroom/toilet are on the second level. On the lower level is another bedroom with 4 beds, with its own facilities, members’ laundry, a rumpus room with pool table, table tennis area, members’ lockers, lockable ski racks and a ski workshop. The lodge sleeps 28 in five bedrooms. The building is of solid brick/concrete so maintenance is kept to a minimum.


Members’ rates for accommodation at Pol-Ski are competitive with other club lodges – currently only $30 per night for a winter weekend. Guests are also welcome at Pol-Ski but pay $80 per weekend night. Mid-week rates are even more competitive. The members manage the lodge, which is one reason why the bed rates can be held at such low levels.


What does it cost to become a member?

Pol-Ski is associated with an equity based Co-Operative Society called PSC-Buller Co-Operative Limited (co-operative), with Pol-Ski members holding equity in the co-operative in the form of Shares. There are two types of membership in Pol-Ski – Individual or Family. An Individual Member holds 1,000 shares in the co-operative. A Family Member holds 3,000 shares. Shares can be resold subject to committee approval of the purchaser.

There are currently 63 Individual Members and 18 Family Members.


A parcel of 1,000 shares is valued at $7,000. The building containing the four lodges is insured for $4 million plus contents.


What do I get for my membership?

  • Low cost accommodation at the lodge* (see below for details)
  • Booking priority over non-member guests (subject to simple booking rules)
  • Use of the lodge outside winter at only $10 per person per night
  • The right to bring guests to the lodge
  • One secure locker per parcel of 1,000 shares
  • One lockable ski rack per parcel of 1,000 shares
  • Equity in and ownership of a successful and happy ski club


*An Individual Member with 1,000 shares is entitled to Member rates when staying at the lodge. A Family Member with 3,000 shares is entitled to Member rates for themselves, their partner and their children aged under 25 (who are not working full time).


What are my membership obligations?

  • Members are expected to attend pay an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) – currently $150 per share. Alternately members can attend a working bee at Mt Buller (these can be fun and a great way to meet fellow members).
  • We encourage all members to attend our Annual General Meeting held each October or November in Melbourne.
  • There are currently no annual membership subscription fees.
  • All members have equal rights within the club.
  • Members may be asked to be duty member supervising duties at the lodge.
  • Members and guests are expected to perform simple duties when staying at the lodge.
  • We like to think that our members are ‘obliged’ to have fun.


What do I do next?

  • Consider whether an Individual Membership or Family Membership best suits you
  • Discuss your interest in membership with a member, or
  • Contact our Club Secretary via email, secretary@polski.org.au, who will be happy to answer your questions.