Duty Member Info


The Duty Member is the appointed representative of the Pol-ski Club, Inc. Committee of Management.

The Duty Member is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the lodge on a day to day basis.


The Pol-Ski Club, Inc. expects the Duty Member to:

  • Maintain order
  • Maintain peace and quiet
  • Maintain cleanliness


If any difficulties occur in discharging these duties, notify the Committee as soon as possible.



  • Introduce him or herself to all occupants as soon as possible
  • Advise non-members they they have duties to perform
  • Regarding sleeping for occupants:
    • Check and if necessary, enforce the correct allocation of beds as per the bed plan and as directed by the booking officer.
    • Check that all guests have their sleeping bags or else sheets and pillowcases.
      If not, sell them sheets for $20 each and pillowcases for $5 each (these are located in lockers in the workroom)
  • Replenish provisions from storage cupboards (bedroom level and under the stairs). Check for
    • coffee, tea, condiments etc as well as cleaning materials in the kitchen area
    • toilets to have toilet paper, air fresheners and toilet cleaner
    • Please notify the booking officer of any shortages.
  • Ensure the garbage is carried out by someone to the garbage hut, once or twice a day as required.
  • Wash all used tea towels as necessary.
  • Ensure the proper completion of the Lodge chores as specified in each bedroom.
  • Report any damage and breakages to the Booking officer.


When terminating duty member status, hand over to the new Duty Member or appoint another Club member as a temporary Duty Member until the new Duty Member arrives.


Any unpleasant, unacceptable or unruly behaviour from members or guests, that cannot be controlled by the Duty member, must be reported to the Committee immediately. Committee phone numbers are located beside the telephone near the entrance)